Annual General Meeting

Monday, 13th November 2023

21:00 in Steep Village Hall.


Photos from previous years

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Giving Back – Thank you for your support!

Over the years our visitors and attendees at the Plant Sale and the Flower Show have been extremely generous both in taking part and in the cash spent on site as well as a few very generous larger donations from a range of local people. Steep Flower Show is a  “not-for-profit local village event” run by volunteers. 

Over the years, with strict financial control,  a contingency fund had built up and the committee decided that we had enough of a cash cushion to be able to distribute some of this to local gardening / environmental projects.  So, we are pleased that, with your help, we have this year supported the installation of security measures at The Adhurst Allotments (following a tragic large theft); providing a new Chicken Coop for Steep Junior School and setting up a small fund available via application to Bedales Students for their chosen environmental project.

The Committee and Volunteering!

Steep Flower Show and Plant Sale is run by a small party of volunteers as follows:

To contact any of us – please email:

Lynette Clarke – Chair. 07768 840959

Alison Driver – Secretary

Lucy McIlwraith - Treasurer

Mike Robinson – IT Manager

Maike Heining - Catering Manager

David Anson, Steve Amos and Catherine Downes – Committee Members

We are always looking for more people to help us with the various tasks on the days of the Plant Sale and The Show and on various days leading up to these dates. So please, if you can find even an hour or two a year to help out, that will make a lot of difference! Contacts as above.

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