Dates for the Diary

Saturday 11th May, 2-4 pm: Steep Flower Show - Plant Sale, Tea & Cakes

50, Church Road (Bedales Head’s House)

Saturday 24th August, 2-4 pm: Steep Flower Show at Bedales School

Steep Flower Show - Plant Sale

This annual event was first conceived as a way to raise funds to pay for the live music at the show. It continues to do this and more, and has flourished to become a popular village occasion for all ages, a chance not only to pick up some locally grown plants, but to catch up with and make new friends of all ages over a cuppa and some delicious home made cake!

Its success is due largely to the generosity of all of you, taking the time to be there and for bringing along your extra seedlings, jams and cakes for sale (See practicalities below).

Will Goldsmith has kindly offered his home as the venue for this year’s plant sale. We are sure that this is going to be another very enjoyable day.


  • Please drop off your plant, cake or produce contributions to 50 Church Rd between 2 pm and 6.00 pm on Friday 10th May OR 10am – 12am on Saturday 11th May. (If you can't manage these times, please email us at to make other arrangements).
  • Plants – Please label them as we have found that “mystery” plants do not sell.
  • Cakes – If you are leaving them on a plate or container that you would like back, please put your name and phone number on it and collect at 4pm on Saturday 11th. Thank you so much for bringing these, everyone will be delighted!
  • Parking: Obviously, it's ideal if you can walk or cycle but if you don’t live locally or need to drive, we have been given kind permission to use the main Bedales car park for this event.
  • Payment: We accept cash and debit or credit cards
  • Do come armed with bags/boxes to take your newly acquired plants home with you!
  • Dogs: If you do need to bring your dog, it is essential that you please keep them on the lead at all times
  • Volunteers: If you can help for an hour or two on Friday afternoon – with setting up, or on Saturday afternoon with the teas, please email us at

Will Goldsmith & Andrew Plaistowe have kindly offered their home as the venue for this year’s plant sale. We are sure that this is going to be another very enjoyable day.

Steep Flower Show

We are pleased to attach a link to the Flower Show schedule to enable you to start early planning of your entries!

Flower Show Schedule

The hard copy of this will be included in the Steep Village Newsletter this April and you can pick one up at the Plant Sale, too. We do hope that you will find a class or lots of classes to enter, and we warmly look forward to seeing you all at the show in August!

You will be able to enter and make online payments from mid-July.


Photos from previous years

Click here

Giving Back – Thank you for your support!

Over the years our visitors and attendees at the Plant Sale and the Flower Show have been extremely generous both in taking part and in the cash spent on site as well as a few very generous larger donations from a range of local people. Steep Flower Show is a “not-for-profit local village event” run by volunteers. 

Over the years, with strict financial control, a contingency fund had built up and the committee decided that we had enough of a cash cushion to be able to distribute some of this to local gardening / environmental projects. So, we are pleased that, with your help, we have this year supported the installation of security measures at The Adhurst Allotments (following a tragic large theft); providing a new Chicken Coop for Steep Junior School and setting up a small fund available via application to Bedales Students for their chosen environmental project.

We are currently seeking similar projects in Steep to donate to, so if you have any suggestions please do get in touch via our email,

The Committee and Volunteering!

Steep Flower Show and Plant Sale is run by a small party of volunteers as follows:

To contact any of us – please email:

Lynette Clarke – Chair. 07768 840959

Alison Driver – Secretary

Lucy McIlwraith - Treasurer

Mike Robinson – IT Manager

Maike Heining - Catering Manager

David Anson, Steve Amos and Catherine Downes – Committee Members

We are always looking for more people to help us with the various tasks on the days of the Plant Sale and The Show and on various days leading up to these dates. So please, if you can find even an hour or two a year to help out, that will make a lot of difference! Contacts as above.

Both The Chair and The Secretary

committed to three years in these posts and as this is their third year we will be looking for a new Chair and Secretary. Please do Contact as above to join us or learn more.

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